Private Flight Gang

Private Flight Gang is a company comprising of a group of young creatives specializing in Web Design, Artist Promotion, Graphic Design and more.

Web Design

We pride ourselves in developing the best sites that are client specific and of the latest technologies.

Artist Promotion

As a company we believe in uncovering the best talent in the music industry and thus we put notable efforts in promoting upcoming artists.

Graphic Design

We consider ourselves the best when it comes to graphic designing and we don’t stop until you’re satisfied.

Private Flight Gang

We are not  just a brand but a company that will be involved with various aspects in the business world. Our company is not just about the bottom line, we want to make sure that our services exceed expectations with anyone we come across.

The purpose of the company is to become one of the main drivers of youth employment, providing enhanced services and building long term relationships to keep everything sustainable.

We believe in treating our customers with the out most respect and in growing through creativity, invention and innovation.

The main goal as said above is that we would like to be the main drivers of youth employement and skills development, as we have said that the company won’t just be dealing with a certain aspect of business, it will encompass various other industries within the business world